Pumpkin Stencils

Here are a few of the characters for your Halloween pumpkin carving pleasure!
These things are trickier to design that you might think... and there are various levels of difficulty depending on which design you choose:
Damion Control Group Max Pu Yai Naomi
DIFFICULTY: "Damion" &" Control Group" = intermediate, "Max" & "Pu Yai" = tricky, "Naomi" = Holy Crap!
DIRECTIONS: Click on a thumnail to get the stencil, print it out, and tape it to your pumpkin. Make sure it's a good size, at least 12 inches high. Use one of those pumpkin carving kits, or a sharp pointy thing, poke holes around the stencil's black lines. Once you have a lot of dots, remove the stencil and start cutting the small areas on the inside first, working your way out to the big areas. The big chunks should be cut out LAST. When you are finished, to help preserve the pumpkin longer, take some vaseline and apply it to the inside cut of your pumpkin.

See the winners in the pumpkin carving contest we had in Oct. 2005 with these stencils!

Good luck!