buffy and the social class debate

It was laundry day yesterday, and I strategically planned doing it around the time that BTVS comes on. This is because I do not get the WB on my crappy TV, and the nice TV's at the Laundry place DO. As I was there, I saw an incredible diversity of people doing one task that unites us all. Sure, it's not as unifying as grocery shopping, but it's close.

Let me explain: There are several instances in modern society where all types of people come together to do something. Laundry is one, so is grocery shopping, voting, movie rentals, and public restrooms. There are, of course, exceptions to this theory, as the upper crust have groceries that sell more expensive foods, or imported foods, that us common folk simply don't give a shit about. I don't want green pasta made from spinach. I want my creamette brand, 2 for $1, green box pasta. With laundry, the people that have money, have their own machines. Most people that have to go to the Laundromat live in apartments or live in dorms. Even movie rentals; you have your acceptable, more expensive, chain places like Blockbuster, and then you have your low budget stores that have a nice big adult section.

What's the point to all this? What crack am I smoking? Well as I was sitting there watching Buffy last night, in the midst of all the circular dryers and vibrating washers, I realized that most people are not even trying to integrate themselves anymore. They are so comfortable in their PLACE in life, that they forget that there is a whole other side to it. I'm not saying that the poor don't know about the rich, or vice versa, but both groups don't often get to experience the other's way of life. There is all this talk about what should be done about this thing and that by government, and all they know about it is from a field trip where they walk in, walk out, and shake some hands while the press takes pictures of them. People need to just stop the routine for once and go live in the other world. See what you are missing, or see what others have to live with, and acknowledge it. Or even DO something about it. I think it will surprise some people and scare others. Maybe they will be so freaked out about how extraneous the wealthy are, or how deprived the poor are, they will get active, and do something. Call me crazy, but I think that's a good thing.