Single Solution

A lot of my friends seem to be getting engaged, which is kinda weird. I mean, "Yeah them," and all, but it's just a sobering reminder that I'm still single (and I'm not even drunk, which makes things even worse for it to be sobering). If you are single like me, AND I KNOW THAT SOME OF YOU ARE, then I think it's fair to say that single people need to start identifying themselves more clearly. To make it easier to see who is "on the market," so to speak. How do we identify single people? Big stickers.

Now, I'm thinking different colors could identify what your situation is. If you are looking for someone, you wear the red sticker. Simple as that. There are other categories, of course. If you are married, just don't wear a sticker, unless you want to have an affair. If you feel like being single for a while (but want to identify yourselves as "soon to be on the available") wear the yellow sticker. If you are gay, and looking for someone, wear the light blue sticker. If you are "confused" about who you want, wear a light blue AND a red sticker. If you are a hot woman, in need of immediate sex with no emotional baggage, wear a white sticker...and JUST a white sticker. If you are divorced but are looking for someone new, wear a red sticker, covered by a smaller black sticker. If you are a single man, of Asian decent, slightly balding, over 40, live in Canada, and a banker, don't bother wearing a sticker. And I'm sure there could be more categories.

Bottom line, single people see the single people they want to see, and everyone is happy. Unless you mess it all up and wear the wrong sticker. I for one, think this would be a great idea. I'm gonna write a letter to my state senator about it, and I suggest you do the same.