school and money

Okay, college is expensive. I can accept that . I can accept the fact that schools use the money to provide for the student's needs. I can accept the professors and staff getting paid. I understand that they use money for renovating buildings and buying food and scholarships and other stuff. WHAT I DO NOT ACCEPT, is the money that is used to garnish food. It is a little known fact that money, specifically American dollar bills, have a high nutrutional value, and tatse rather spiffy on salads and certain meats. The higher the bill, the more nutritious and tasty the food.
And who is using this information for their own greedy purposes? You guessed it. Politicians. Bob Dole, Margret Thatcher, George W. Bush, Orin Hatch, and Butros-Butros-Galli to name a few. They are sprinkling it generously on all that they eat at the expence of their countries' students.

The explotation of innocent dollars is going on around the world and it must stop. The sad thing is, the money could be much better spent by the students themselves, on cd's, pizza, movies, sex toys, porn, pointless internet merchandise, beer, comic books*, and playstation games. I say, STOP THE MONEY GARNISHING, and give the money back! We don't want the politicians getting healthy with our money. Let them take the money from the old people. They eat applesauce. They can spare it. Atleast that way they would deal with their own kind.


* I buy comic books, i don't give a sh*t what you do with your money.