AREN'T YOU SOOO Excited about the new N*SYNC CD that just came out!!??!!! I'm GOING TO go BUY 4 copies for myself and friends, and one more as a back up copy. Then I'm going to listen to it all night long, and kiss my pillow while pretending it's Joey. Then I'm going to memorize all the lyrics, and see which songs have the same lyrical structure of the last 40 pop music hits! Then I'm going to put one CD into a blender, grate it into a fine pulpy liquid goo, and feed it intravenously into my bloodstream, in hopes that I too might be close to the wonder than is Lance. Then I'm going to tattoo Justin Timber-cutie's face on my lower back using a red ball point pen, a lighter, a coat hanger, and a pair of tweezers! Then I'm going to shoot myself, for life could not get any better than this....oh wait, THE CONCERT!!! Then I'm going to go to their concert (the fourth one I've been to) and buy senseless memorabilia that's way too expensive!!! Then I'm going to scream until my left lung shrivels up and passes through my pierced navel, which is exposed, and falls onto my cow print platform shoes. Then I'm going to spontaneously combust into small particles of Nitrogen, combine with the air, and reform as beads of sweat in J.C.'s sweaty, bouncy hair. Then I'm going to get a life!