Tonight, I had a night of consumerism. First of all, I just have to say that when you have to cut your nails, nothing consumes your time more than finding nail clippers. I did not have any, so I went out tonight at 10:30 to the grocery store to get some.

They were out.

So I went to Wal-mart, which was about to close, and thus full of panicked shoppers and tired disgruntled employees. I found what I was looking for. Did you know that if you buy a men's travel kit for $2.30 you get not only nail clippers, but toenail clippers, a comb, a nail file (do men use nail files?) and a little pouch. Another nail clipper, made from Revlon, was $3.50 by itself. Ridiculous. I bought the kit, being that I not only needed nail clippers, but apparently I need a comb as well. I also bought headphones, deodorant, and the Hellboy DVD. See, the headphones and DVD were a side trip, but allowed me to avoid the lines by buying my items in the electronics department.

This stroke of genius made me hungry, so I went to McDonalds. Now, I don't know if it was because I was the last one that made it to the place before it closed or just because I paid with exact change and that freaked the drive-through girl out, but my fries were a little sharp. Like, pointy sharp. Normally, McFries are rather Mctasty, but these were McScratchy. I know, I know, fast food fries can kill you anyway, but this added a new threat to their arsenal.


All food shoud be chewed 25 times before swallowing anyway, so I did that.