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Strip Prints

Now you can collect and hang up high quality prints of individual Striptease strips!

Prints are black & white or color, depending on the original from the archive. Each print will be printed on 8 1/2" x 11" white premium luster photo archival paper. The print will be signed unless otherwise requested.

Some comics early in the archives might be printed in portrait orientation, but most will be printed in landscape.

When ordering, please follow these instructions:

1. if the strip is a color strip, choose color. Otherwise the strip will be printed in Black and white. If the strip is black and white in the archive, it will NOT be available in color.

2. In the paypal interface, just indicate the DATE of the strip you would like. You must include a month, date, and year. You can find the date at the end of the strips' URL (ie: The date in that example would be 03/19/09. )

3.indicate if you would like the print signed

Upon receiving payment, I'll send a confirmation email to verify the strip you are asking for, and then I'll print and ship it out.

Get your print TODAY!

Strip requested (MM-DD-YY)
Signed? (Yes or No)

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