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3/22/2010: Upcoming Convention

I've been invited to be the guest artist of honor at the first annual Anime Conji convention here in San Diego. It's a really cool honor, and I'll be representing both Striptease and Punch an' Pie. I'll be at the webcomics panel on Friday afternoon, and I'll be at my booth drawing (and trying to figure out why I'm there) all weekend. So if you are able to attend, it's April 9-11 at the Doubletree Club Hotel, 1515 Hotel Circle South, San Diego, CA 92108. See you then. More info to come!


1/5/2020: two thousand WIN!..., er, Ten.

Welcome to the new year. Here's hoping this year will be prosperous for you and your loved ones. I know this is a big year for me, as Striptease will come to a dramatic, nail-biting conclusion! But most importantly, I'll be marrying the love of my life... and while there is a little nail-biting tension involved, (in a good way), it's going to be a wonderful beginning for us.

On the comic front, this should be an exciting year. I'm going to keep everyone posted, as usual, on new projects and developments, conventions and merchandise, and look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts as we move our way slowly into the beginning of the end. It's going to be a crazy ride, I'm warning you. I've pulled out all the stops for this last storyline, so you never know what might happen!


8/26/09: Nine hundred.... and then?

every once in a while, I'll hit a numerical milestone of sorts that's nothing more than a number. But it represents a large amount of time, and work, and frustration, and absolute happyness, so I like to point it out. I've been doing Striptease for almost 9 years, now. And I've had a blast doing it! I've gotten to meet people at conventions, sell artwork, and mini-collections of the books (yes, I'm working on the first real book). It's something I will always remember fondly. But that's not what I really wanted to say here in my not often updated news post.

One hundred strips to go.

Striptease has had a definite ending, I've known it for a while. It's been building to an ending and the characters are telling me that they need to wrap up their story in this particular format. SO... there will be about 100 strips left before ending the comic. I say "about" 100 comics because I don't know if I'm going to actually finish on strip 1000, but I'm going to "aim" for that.

I'll still be doing Punch an' Pie for the forseeable future. And there's a good year of Striptease left. Oh man. I've got some stuff in store for you guys... I can't WAIT to throw at you. And even after the strips stop publishing, I'll be publishing the book collections and going to conventions. But I know that time will go by fast, so let's make that magic time together last, kiddies.



8/25/09: 899... ?

On Thursday, Striptease will hit number 900. You can see the site is going through some little changes, and you can expect some BIG changes soon in the storyline. Check back Thursday for a shocking turn of events that will change the very core of everything!!! or ... maybe it's just more of Rae and Miki making out? we shall see.


7/14/09:COMIC CON, BOOTH 1230

Once again, I will be at Comic Con with other partners in webcomics crime, selling shirts, prints and the shiny Punch an' Pie, Vol. 1: We Smell Fear. We should be near a bunch of other webcomics people this year, which is awesome! Please come by and say hi. Bring your sketchbook and I'll do a drawing for ya!


7/4/09: that other comic I do has a book.

I'm really happy to say that my first real, real published work is about to debut at Comic Con, but you can get yours ahead of time. Punch an' Pie, Vol. 1: We Smell Fear, is now available for pre-order through Stone Garden Publishing.

This might spark that age old question. When are you going to have a Striptease book, eh? Well, I'm working on it. This one was easier to put together because I knew it would be printed from the beginning of the comic. Stritpease being printed requires re-scanning and re-creating about 200 of the first two years of comics... and as you can imagine, with five comics a week and a day job, this takes a while. There's nothing I'll be happier for than to see this comic in printed form, but putting Punch an' Pie in a book is a step in that direction. I've learned a lot from making this one, and it will only help out the process when I'm ready to start Striptease, Vol. 1: about damn time... (title pending)


4/23/09: Facebook, Twitter, Comic-con 2009, and the last days of the t-shirt sale!

Couple of things today.
First, a reader but mostly a good friend (thanks Stevie) created a Striptease Facebook Group. For those of you that are on and are into that sort of thing, you can join yourself, and start posting and talking with other Stritpease readers. There might just be some incentives for joining this.

Second, I'm now on Twitter @ scribblemonkey. I'll update about comic posts, but also just about my life. Ditto about the incentives.

Third, I found out yesterday our booth location for San Diego Comic-Con 2009. Just like last year, I'll be sharing a booth with Jennie Breeden, Randy Milholland, James and Mel, and my other partner in webcomics, Aeire. We'll all be hanging out at booth 1230, and it's going to be right next to all the other webcomics booths. AWESOME!

Lastly, there's a little bit of time to take advantage of the buy a shirt, get a sketch sale. You have until the end of the month to buy a shirt and get a free random sketch of a character. See below for details and don't wait too long!


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